About me


I live in a pleasant London suburb. I enjoy being in a political environment and believe that politics is fundamentally to improve quality of life – my key interest is the welfare of the community, particularly vulnerable, and am actively committed to social justice. I was a Harrow councillor for seven years, representing Canons ward.
At the council, I was Cabinet Assistant (Education) and member of the Planning Committee, Standards and Licensing committees, and a local authority appointed school governor.
Professionally I’m a retired Inspector of Schools – participated in the Ofsted school inspections in England.
I have also been actively involved in the community work as a social scientist and have long experience of evaluating policies and practices in various settings, particularly in the areas of equal opportunities and social justice.
I regularly write in the local and national publications and on social media.
I’m now working as a voluntary researcher for both the Harrow Council for Justice and Harrow Monitoring Group
I enjoy photography – both still and video – covering environment, community events, public demonstrations in London as well as doing interviews. Some of my recent video work is here
My other interests include website designing and desktop publishing.
Links to my recent articles are in the right-hand sidebar!

I’m also on facebook: Husain Akhtar  l  twitter: @husain_akhtar