What ‘values’ do MPs follow under Theresa May, and Priti Patel factor?

Very sad to hear that an ex-Welsh Labour minister who faced a party investigation into allegations about his personal conduct has taken his own life.

But then the MP behaviour and conduct inside and outside the Parliament have been a matter of great public concern lately.

It is no comfort to read headlines specific to MPs inappropriate behaviour, including how women have been treated and other sex related allegations at the seat of governance; for example, use of MP staff to buy the ‘sex-toys’, alleged porn on the deputy prime minister computer and in another incident the defence secretary resigning from his cabinet job amid expected further allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

In addition to this is the widely condemned hosting of an Indian extremist at the parliament by a Tory MP.

In another case of breaking the ministerial code, there are demands to investigate the international development secretary for holding unofficial 12 meetings, including one with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, during a holiday in Israel, and reportedly promising financial support to the Israel army by the UK government.

Considering who accompanied her to Israel, these high profile meetings were most probably pre-planned. An MP must not get away by doing first and saying sorry later.

All this must be a big blow for those who preach morality and British values to others. Also, in view of the sexual harassment of parliamentary female staff by some MPs and no outcry about such an oppressed culture at the Parliament, Casey review looks more one-sided and discredited.

Apparently, Tory MPs ‘resisted‘ attempt by David Cameron to make them sign code of conduct safeguarding staff against sexual harassment.

It looks obvious that MPs inappropriate conduct reflects badly on the adequacy of the MPs code of conduct, their training and monitoring how MPs use their position.

The MP inappropriate conduct also reflects poorly on the MP selection procedures by the political parties, especially not really assessing attitudes, honesty, integrity as well the candidate’s loyalty to any country other than Britain.

How could it be possible for the international development secretary Priti Patel who is supposed to safeguard British interests, to indulge in looking after the interests of other countries and remain  in office? This is another telling example of Theresa May’s weak leadership, poor judgement and fragile government.

At 13 out of a total of 14 meetings with Israeli officials over August and September, she was accompanied by Lord Polak, a lobbyist and a leading member of Conservative Friends of Israel.

Most concerning is Priti Patel’s reported visit to an Israeli field hospital in the occupied Golan Heights . Many report that these ‘field hospitals’ treat runway Syrian fighters and send them back to fight.

The UK does not recognise Israel’s permanent presence in the Golan Heights, which was seized from Syria in the 1967 war, and so providing aid to the Israeli army in this or other occupied territories would be likely to contravene UK policy.

In her cabinet position, Priti Patel was expected to work with countries on equal footing but she seems to have favoured India/ Israel for her political gains because of the grip they have on British politics – same reasons for her Brexit position.

Priti Patel must go! And she unceremoniously resigned (effectively sacked) though her ‘godfathers’ assert that she would be back soon (to oust Theresa May?).


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