Ofsted and hijab update

Ofsted chief Amanda Spielman HMCI has now replied to my open letter  – her letter can be read by clicking here  – I leave it to the readers to judge the quality and appropriateness of her response.

However, what is most interesting is that the hijab concerns which the HMCI acted upon have come from some ‘Muslim women’.

Also, certain ‘Muslim’ women (Google to know what they are)  expressed concerns about primary school  girls wearing hijab  to the Daily Mail which is well known for recycling Muslim-specific negative news and attracting far right.

Ms Spielman has informed that Ofsted has met with some Muslim representatives to find what guidance their inspectors might need on this sensitive matter (inspecting hijab). It looks that the hand-picked representatives are not saying to Ofsted ‘don’t do it’ but rather advising them how to do it!

Although Ms Spielman seems to have the evidence to justify hijab-picking, the big question is that considering the ‘Trojan Horse’ situation*, triggered by the bogus information spread by the media and others, did Ms Spielman thoroughly check the integrity and credibility of the sources for the hijab ‘concerns’– even a simple Google search of the Muslim names involved could have helped.

Therefore, it looks that Ms Spielman has relied on unreliable evidence and is now trying to justify her divisive focus on hijab by making references to the ‘Muslims’ who could bail her out – sort of ‘divide & rule’ in action!

Unthinkable that Ms Spielman is not aware of the politicisation of hijab, particularly by far right.

I don’t quite know what kind of Muslim specific education, political or other rivalry goes on in places like Birmingham, Bradford or Manchester or how easy it is to address this for the good of the community, but long experience tells that there are those who know the power of the institutions to recognise those who collude with institutions and penalise those who oppose these, and they act accordingly.

Therefore, in the case of recognition-seeking Muslims, they have learnt the value of manifesting liberal Muslimism, always a winner, especially for political gains like improving chances for the parliamentary candidacy.

Additionally, there seems to be some Labour rejected bitter characters who use the Muslim specific issues to settle score with and embarrass the Labour party administrations.

Pity that Muslim children are caught up with personal agenda in this way.

In view of all this, either Ms Spielman wanted to instigate hijab conflict anyway or didn’t do her homework well to see the motivation of those behind the ‘hijab concerns’!

[*In March 2014 an anonymous and unverified letter sent to Birmingham City Council (now regarded as a forgery or a hoax) claimed that there was a “Trojan Horse” conspiracy to take over governing bodies and create a school culture more sympathetic to hard-line Muslim religious ethos.

It is unbelievable that on the basis of such thin and unsubstantiated evidence of ‘Muslim take-over’ of some schools, the whole government machinery came into somewhat panicky action and Birmingham finished up like Brent of the past

Most ‘liberal’ Muslim educationists and politicians failed to intervene and keep things in perspective].


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