‘Collude and get recognised’ – easy way up!

Amanda Spielman, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector leading Ofsted, has yet again commented that the Muslim girls should not be forced to wear headscarves in schools just because they are facing pressures from their families.

It follows a recommendation by the schools watchdog in 2017 that officials should ask girls who wear garments such as Hijabs “why they do so in school”. (my take at and the HMCI response at )

The HMCI scenario seems to be a part of the big picture.

Being a part of the democratic process to confront social injustice and inequalities and actively working with many communities facing these, I have come across three distinct sets of people from these communities who act differently for different reasons.

First, those who collude with the system, including its institutions, for recognition/gains like being a part of the ‘race relations industry’ in 1980s onwards which saw a number of race-specific professionals, academics and thriving community organisations – now we find the Prevent, anti extremism/ radicalism/ terrorism and hate crime specific industry that has been monopolised by some Muslims for the same reasons and with similar outcomes.

Second, those, including some politicians from these communities, who ride on the back of these communities to acquire government or institutional recognition/ positions or for getting elected for the public offices from the areas densely populated by voters from the Black or Asian background.

And then those from these communities who mean well but lack analysis of the oppressive/ abusive policies/ situations or injustices that they question. Over the years, this has become more obvious through the social media – like tweets and retweets.

Muslims no exception.  Telling examples are how the Prevent*, Casey Review* and HMCI actions have been compromised/ collusively dealt with by some Muslims, and how the politics of ‘Islamophobia definition’ has been used to soften down what Muslims really face – to bail out authorities under pressure to address anti-Muslim hatred.

How could the vile acts of anti-Muslim hatred be described/ perceived as acts of ‘Islamophobia’ – no distinction between hate and fear?  Do anti-Muslim far right extremists act out of the fear of Islam?

Therefore, no surprise on confusion surrounding a recent incident in Tower Hamlets!

*(Prevent money had been given to organisations which are viewed with deep suspicion in the Muslim community;  Controversial Casey review full of contradictions!)

Despite my concerns about HMCI position on Hijab etc, I wonder if we can really blame her or should we be looking at the opportunist small group of ‘Muslim women’ and some collusive Muslim organisations who portray themselves as ‘moderate Muslims’ for easy recognition and better positions and have seemingly used the HMCI as catalyst, knowing what she is,  to impose their so called feminism/ liberalism which also helps them in securing rapid recognition, better  positions and more funding!

Unbelievable that the most ‘Muslim politicians, academics, councils of mosques, national Muslim organisations, Muslim professional networks, Muslim charities and other Muslim organisations’ who reportedly endorsed misleading notion/ definition of Islamophobia, are in a state of rigor mortis on the HMCI wish what Muslim children should/ shouldn’t wear!

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