Failures in containing and treating coronavirus

Not nice to know that many countries in the world have banned arrivals from the UK because of concerns at the rapid spread of a new variant of coronavirus.
Britain has 2.19M corona cases and 69,625 deaths so far (25 December 2020), reminding the government failures in effectively containing and treating the virus, starting with unhelpful guidelines issued to public to cope with the infection (apparently relying on the NHS 111/119 provision and isolation at home without any treatment like receiving supplemental oxygen have led to more corona deaths).It was told that if feeling unwell with just one of the symptoms of Covid – a new continuous cough, high temperature, or a loss of or change to taste or smell – call 119 to get tested, if the test positive, follow the rules and self-isolate for 10 days.
Such isolation with no medical treatment for ten days mostly results in developing shortness of breath or fall in oxygen saturation, adversely affecting lungs and other vital organs. Since main casualties occur in late presenters to the hospital treatment, medical treatment in the first few days rather than after 10 days of the corona symptoms should have been prioritised.Waiting for shortness of breath or fall in oxygen saturation before NHS comes in action is too late.
From the very beginning of corona outbreak in the UK, the government and its equally confused scientists have propagated ‘there is no medicine or cure for the virus, so stay home – save NHS’ without due emphasis that though there is no cure for the coronavirus as such, the damages to the organs caused by the infection can be medically managed, and that it is not public but the government job to enable NHS to effectively cope with the disease. Such an ill information and omission could only be seen as a political decision to keep pressure off the NHS which has been suffering from the lack of resources.
Therefore, no surprise to find no public education or public demand that early detection of the adverse effects of the virus followed by aggressive treatment is the way forward to treat the COVID infection.
Early detection doesn’t only mean just testing for the virus but essentially is about checking/monitoring the damages to the organs, like lungs, through CT and blood tests as baseline for COVID positive patients for monitoring disease response/progression and oxygen saturation levels, followed by aggressive treatment such as higher dose of the relevant medicines like dexamethasone or by plasma infusion, enabling the body to fight back the damages caused by the virus infection. All this is only possible if patients with corona positive are admitted to a hospital rather than isolated for 10 days at home but this was avoided.  Early detection and aggressive treatment of the virus happens in many countries, even in some developing countries despite their limited resources, resulting in high coronavirus survival rate.
Also concerning are the practices that deprive wider management of COVID-19. For example, following the WHO guidelines, NHS England letter of 13 November confirmed that corticosteroids including dexamethasone and hydrocortisone should be used in the management of COVID-19, but in practice and to meet the NHS set criteria of who gets what corona treatment and when (money saving considerations can’t be ruled out), it is primarily applied to patients with COVID-19 who are hospitalised and receiving supplemental oxygen. While there may be occasions within the 10 days isolation at home when UK patients with COVID-19 meet the WHO criteria, but are not hospitalised; in which case the WHO guidance for the use of dexamethasone in the management of COVID-19 at home should be applied.
As the coronavirus is not going anywhere, not too late for our politicians in power or in opposition to honesty plan/ask for better programme to effectively contain and treat the virus, minimising number of corona deaths, unless they are trying hard to save money rather than lives and misleading the public about treating the virus in the process.
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