Galloway a serious challenge to Starmer!

Many say Starmer punishment continues at the ballot box, and rightly so.
Under Labour leader Keir Starmer, the Labour Party’s dramatic defeat by the Conservatives in Hartlepool earlier this month, with the party’s leadership blamed, was followed by Chesham and Amersham defeat, one of the worst by-election results in the Labour history, with 622 votes.
Before this, Labour lost control of eight councils and more than 300 seats in the Local Elections, including County Durham, which had been under Labour control for more than 100 years.
Difficult to disagree that the Labour leader, seemingly selected to sort out Corbyn and his Labour supporters and mute socialist voices against oppression and apartheid, gets what he deserves and is therefore a political liability for his party.
A by-election is scheduled to held in Batley and Spen on 1 July 2021, following the resignation of the current Labour MP. According to the Times, “Batley and Spen is in the top 15 constituencies where Muslim voters are most influential”, estimated 20 per cent Muslims.
Against this background, desperate Labour Party now uses ‘antisemitism’ card and Starmer sends his Muslim foot-soldiers (some councillors and MPs)  to Batley & Spen for support because many  Labour voters who care about justice for Kashmir and Palestine now intend not to vote Labour, feeling that vote for Labour under Starmer is a vote for the right-wing nationalist leaders.
“Too many Muslims feel that their loyalty has not been returned or respected by our party,” said Milani, who stood as Labour’s parliamentary candidate against Johnson in Uxbridge and South Ruislip in 2019.
“From Kashmir to Palestine, Islamophobia to Prevent, the issues close to the hearts of our communities cannot be ignored,” he added.
The Labour leader had previously been criticised by Labour members for a belated response to violence perpetrated by Israel against Palestinians last month. In April, he failed to respond to a letter, exclusively seen by MEE, in which British-Palestinian members raised concerns about internal treatment.
Labour Party leader Starmer is failing to win support among British Muslims, a new poll also shows.
The research, commissioned by the Labour Muslim Network, found most Muslims in the UK support his party, but the majority do not back Starmer as leader.
If Corbyn could be blamed for the decline of Labour support at a general election, Starmer is equally guilty of losing Labour voters.
Former MP and veteran campaigner George Galloway who has been boldly supporting Kashmiris and Palestinians and who supported Jeremy Corbyn in the 2015 Labour Party leadership election and during Corbyn’s leadership of the party,  is a dynamic contender at the forthcoming Batley and Spen by-election with the explicit aim of ousting Starmer, unpopular leader of the Labour Party seen as selected by some to favour some.
Now there is a real opportunity to defeat Starmer by not supporting his Labour party.
Galloway’s Workers Party is a socialist organisation, committed to class politics, and stands with all those countries that have attempted to break free of imperialist domination and build a different kind of world.
After a trip to Beirut, Lebanon during 1977, Galloway became a supporter of Palestine, making a pledge to “devote the rest of my life to the Palestinian and Arab cause.”
Galloway opposed the 1991 Gulf War and was critical of the effect that the subsequent sanctions had on the people of Iraq. In a 28 March 2003 interview with Abu Dhabi TV, Galloway said that Tony Blair and George W Bush had “lied to the British Air Force and Navy, when they said the battle of Iraq would be very quick and easy. They attacked Iraq like wolves”.
Galloway returned to parliament at the March 2012 Bradford West by-election in an unexpected landslide result, with Galloway calling it “the most sensational victory in British political history”. His 36% swing, defeating the Labour candidate, was among the largest in modern British political history.  Galloway described the result as a “Bradford spring” (after the Arab Spring).
Jeremy Corbyn, then a backbench Labour MP, congratulated Galloway for his win.
Andrew Gilligan noted in The Daily Telegraph that Galloway had won in wards with a predominantly white electorate, as well as those with a majority Muslim population.
The history could repeat, and it would be helpful to make sure that voters at the by-election rise above the influence of the Starmer Muslim foot-soldiers and vote for whoever could serve their community interests well – Galloway who has a track record of support or the Starmer who has failed to support the plight of oppressed people in Kashmir and Palestine!
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